Van Brienenoord Bridge

Project Description

The Van Brienenoord Bridge is a 1320m long twin tied-arch motorway bridge in the Netherlands. The bridge carries 12 lanes of traffic on the A16 motorway and with a span of 300 m, the west arch is the longest span road bridge in the Netherlands. The project consists of concept design, detail design and strengthening works for the main and moveable bridges.

My role in the project

I was a BIM Modeler in the project and responsible for modeling and creating drawings in Revit (mainly) and AutoCAD (for some parts).

• The work has been divided into 10 work packages (WP) each one has around 50 sheet drawings, I was responsible to work on WP3,4 and 10. 

Work Description

The modeling process was particularly challenging due to the intricate details of the bridge’s components. I had to meticulously model bolts, plates, jacks, girders, pillars, and even the details of the ships that would carry the bridge. I also created 2D drawings in AutoCAD to show the different stages of the project, from demolition to final completion. 

Overall, I was responsible for producing around 150 Revit drawings and 20 AutoCAD drawings. Working on this project was a great learning experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a significant engineering undertaking.

BIM workflow

The BIM workflow was a key aspect of the project, as it allowed for easy modification and collaboration. When changes were made to the 3D model, the 2D drawings were automatically updated, ensuring that all team members were working from the most up-to-date information. Dividing the project into phases made a significant positive impact in keeping the project in one file with all data, in addition of creating the Section, Call-out views. This efficient workflow was instrumental in the smooth progress of the project.

Drawing, Modelling & Reality